Mediterranean Delights

Step into our culinary paradise with breathtaking views of Herastrau Lake.


Monday-Sunday: from 12:30 to 00:30

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Enjoy the Mediterranean essence on your plate.

We welcome you to our culinary paradise where Mediterranean gastronomic delights, avant-garde signature cocktails, and premium wines blend to create a unique dining experience! Modern, with irresistible vibes and views that will make your heart skip a beat over Herastrau lake. See you at Tuya?

Great Atmosphere & DecorGreat Atmosphere & Decor




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Food. Passion. Chef’s table

Food. Passion. Colors. Chef’s table.

Food. Passion. Colors. Chef’s table.

Mediterranean, Diverse, Refined

The secret to our Mediterranean paradise lies in the harmony of fresh ingredients, treated with the most care and blended with love! Each dish is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, a testament to our commitment to excellence, delivering the lively and delectable soul of the Mediterranean in every bite!